What is EMDR

What is EMDR

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is a well-studied and proven psychotherapy method provided by licensed mental health counselors. This type of therapy allows the brain to engage in a natural healing process through bilateral stimulation or side-to-side eye movement. EMDR does not require the traditional conversation about thoughts, emotions, or behaviors around distressing concerns. It is designed to help individuals process suppressed traumas on a deeper physiological level. Through the initiation of eye movements, the brain will reorganize negative memories and reduce the associated stress. This reconstruction of thinking allows for more positive feelings to rise to the surface of one’s mind.

Why EMDR Can Help

Trauma is an understandable, biological event that can change the neurological function of the brain, resulting in a cognitive shift of beliefs. “Fight, flight, or freeze” is part of the natural stress response when confronted with trauma. The disturbing thoughts, emotions, and imagery may cause a person to feel subdued or fixated on the experience. The mind reacts as if still in danger, creating a hindrance to moving on in life.

EMDR therapy engages the mind in a natural healing process and resolves these memories rather than managing them superficially. It is a gentle method of keeping a person grounded in their mind and body at present while accessing the trauma in the past. Though experiences may still be recalled, the survival instinct of “fight, flight or freeze” resolves and no longer elicits negative reaction to similar stressors or situations. Results from sessions can be immediate for many clients, enabling them to feel relief and have a sense of safety. EMDR provides an effective and efficient avenue to treat trauma, and here, it is available for you.